How to Install GDB?

There are two ways you can install GDB on your linux machine.

1. Install pre-built gdb binaries from verified distribution resources

You can install gdb on Debian-based linux distro (e.g. Ubuntu, Mint, etc) by following command.$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install gdb

2. Download source code of GDB, compile it and install.

Follow below mentioned steps to compile GDB from scratch and install it.

Step-1: Download source code.
You can download source code of all release from
$ wget ""

Step-2: Extract it
$ tar -xvzf gdb-7.11.tar.gz

Step-3: Configure and Compile it.
$ cd gdb-7.11
gdb-7.11$ ./configure
gdb-7.11$ make
This step will take a bit of time. So you can sit back and have cup of coffee for a while.
Once it is completed, you can locate gdb binary located at gdb-7.11/gdb/gdb

Step-4: Install GDB.
$ make install By default this will install gdb binaries in /usr/local/bin and libs in /usr/local/lib
Congratulation, you have successfully compiled and installed GDB.

Once you installed GDB, you can print GDB version to test whether it is installed correctly.$ gdb --version